12 Highest Selling Comic Books of All Time

07 August 2022

There was a time when owning the latest edition of best-selling comic books was regarded to be a badge of honor among comic lovers. Not only did the multimillion copies published smashed all the charts, but they even had a very special place in the hearts of their fans.

To relive those days of glorious comic history that gave us some of the most celebrated superheroes we have today- Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, Superman, or Team Avengers. We bring you a golden list of comics that broke all records and ended up being the greatest of all times!

Without any further ado, let's begin with the top 12 best-selling comic books of all time that are admired even today.

1. Mickey Mouse

Monumental success 'Mickey Mouse' as Disney's classic animated character began with its comics. Though it was a humble beginning in the 1930s, the comics took over the industry at a rapid pace, scaling sales of over 1 billion copies and emerging as a household character that every child could never get enough of

Apart from Mickey, the comics contained many iconic characters from the Disney world, including Minnie, Pluto, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Scrooge.

2. Classics Illustrated

Different from other comics that are part of the list, Classic Illustrated was an American comic book that featured popular stories under its label. Its first-ever publication was made in 1953, titled as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, eventually, it published over 72 titles with an average circulation of copies exceeding more than 250,000 in 1960.

Later, special edition comics were added, where each comic had a reference to a particular subject such as science, nature, or history. Soon, the comics were published in the UK as well, under the license of World illustrated. It brought the adaptation of numerous classics like Moby Dick, Hamlet, and Les Miserables.

3. The Beano

Origin of The Beano dates back to the year 1938 when DC Thomson decided to introduce a comic that would have the perfect balance of humor and moral lessons for children.

The Bean was UK's longest-running comic that featured famous characters like the Minx, Bash Street Kids, and Dennis the Menace. Thanks to the massive popularity, the comics led to a best-selling franchise with over 1 billion copies sold worldwide.

4. Batman

Who doesn't know Batman? The armor of Gotham has always been appreciated as an incredible character with a difference. You will be surprised to know that during the early days of publication, Batman-The Dark Knight was consistently among the top-five action comics in 1986.

When the entire comics were combined into an edition, then the story was adapted to the series, which gave birth to a feature film by the same name. Unlike other comics designed for children, Batman was famous among kids, teens, and adults alike. The commercial success of both the comics and movies based on the character is a true reflection of the impact that it had on its readers.

5. Tintin

Tintin is a classic French comic that became a notable comic of the century across the globe. It follows the life of a reporter named Tintin, who being the risk-taker, always finds himself among dangerous cases and mysteries that are needed to be solved.

Readers adore the partnership of Tintin with his white dog Snowy who has been represented as a true companion of the lead character.

In addition to that, the supporting characters like Professor Calculus, Thompson, and Nestor are also depicted with a flair of an eye for detail by the writer. Thanks to its never-ending fandom, the Tintin comic was adapted into many series and editions, along with two TV animated shows and a feature film aired across the world.

6. Spider-Man

Ever since the inception of Spider-Man, the character has maintained to be the ultimate cult for geeks (and even people who are inclined towards action-based comics). This versatility made Spider-Man comics the best-selling hits of all time, garnering a record of selling over 360 million copies.

An amazing part of them is that Spider-Man was the first-ever superhero who had a completely relatable life of a civilian- the average school-going teenager who was bitten by a cultured spider from the laboratory, and that was how spidy's superpowers were born. From spidy's senses tingling during the time of danger to his webs helping him hover over the city heights, every part of the character was designed to perfection

7. Lucky Luke

Not aware of what Lucky Luke is? Then, you are certainly missing out on something huge from the world of comics. Lucky Luke made its debut in the 1950s in Belgium, when cartoonist Morris was inspired by the classic Disney characters and decided to create a story of a cowboy who, with his heroic traits, was able to save the day.

A majority of Lucky Luke's comic series was dedicated to comedy that mostly had a parody of Western Culture, something that people read and talked about. The sales of the comics were massive too, with over 300 million copies sold.

8. One Piece

If you thought all-time classics were only about regular conventional comics and their typical character lines, then think again! In the 1970s, things took a rather different turn, and Japanese Manga came into the picture. Among the many that are still celebrated, such as Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, and One Punch Man, a Japanese superhero named Monkey D. Luffy, with his peculiar traits, would turn into a hero after eating the devil fruit.

Accompanied by his loyal crew, Monkey decides to find a priceless treasure called the One Piece. Till today, over 440 million copies of One Piece have been sold, generating revenue worth 22 billion dollars.

9. Peanuts

An iconic tale by Charles M. Schulz, Peanuts had everything that Western Culture imbibed. The main character shared an inseparable bond with his dog (Snoopy), and his friends that were known for their unique personalities, and this helped the story to continue for almost 50 years.

It was an epic achievement, as Peanuts syndicated from 1950 to 2000, selling 350 million copies- not many comics could achieve that mark.

10. Asterix

It goes without a saying that there is something magical about comics, and Asterix is a prime example of the same.

Filled with satire and comedy, the comic follows the story of a group of warriors who fight with the Roman Empires against the rule of Julius Caesar. Asterix came from the French comic industry and sold 370 million copies from its first publication in 1959.

11. Superman

Superman was first created as a fictional character in Action Comics and later adapted into a comic series of his own that emerged to be a commercial success with video games, different television shows, movies, and newspaper strips. Without a doubt, it's one of the most incredible comics of all time that had some memorable storylines like Injustice: God Among Us and The Death of Superman.

12. Captain America

During World War II, Marvel Comics wanted to create a character that symbolized patriotism, and that led to Captain America. With its first publication in 1941, over 210 million copies were sold, with the main character making appearances outside comics in newspaper strips, animated shows, and action stories by Marvel Comics.

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