8 Most Anticipated Comics Coming In 2022

07 August 2022

Comic books and strips have been an all-time favorite for readers of all ages. Irrespective of the genre, theme, and content presentation style, these are loved by one and everybody.

Since their advent some decades ago, these sources have been fortunate enough to entertain admirers across generations. The characters and stories have entered our hearts, and there never seems to be an end to the love. While the existing reserve of comics always has a lot to offer, there is still room for freshness and novelty. The following article talks about some of the upcoming comic launches in 2022.

Best Comics to Welcome in 2022

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

Topping the list is the most recent coming aforesaid comic title, which is all set to reach the shelves on Sept 27, 2022. One of the best works of writer Tom King, the color scheme is set by Mat Lopes, and art is in the hands of Bilquis Evely. This one will be a treat for the lovers of space fantasy. The artistic and beautiful craft is a heart stealer.

The plot revolves around a Supergirl, who wants to get drunk on her 21st birthday. She flies to a bar on the red sun planet in her rented spaceship. Situations take a turn, and she gets involved in the events of the narrator's life, helping her in the revengeful combat among the stars. You will find yourself on an adventure journey of heroism, power, revenge, and meditation loss.

Edge of Spider-Verse

This one is another masterpiece by Dan Slott, which will be the prequel to the promised end of the Spider-Man comic title legacy. The title will be the last edition of Spider-Man's Multiverse: End of Spider-Verse. The latter is going to be a miniseries of 5 issues, which is ready to hit the shelves on August 3, 2022.

The aforementioned title attempts to bring multiversal substitute Spider-Man to clone the iconic and popular Spider-Man characters. The list includes Peni Parker, Spider-Man, Ghost Spider, Spider-Gwen, etc. There will be some new Spider inclusions as well, such as Hunter-Spider, Spider-Laird, and Night-Spider.


The aforesaid title is the joint effort of Hugo Petrus and Jon Ellis, coming to you on August 9, 2022. The story is centered on the events in Wyatt's life, who is not completely ready as yet to start the new year of his college. The latter is still struggling to overcome a huge loss in his past. His ray of hope is Jack, his new pal and roommate, who tries to cheer him up.

Things are, however, not the same when Jack becomes a part of a fraternity. The latter starts to show somewhat weird and strange mannerisms, and here's when Wyatt is forced to pay attention. Events take a shocking turn when Wyatt soon realizes something about the entire group is very fishy.

Over My Dead Body

Written by Sweeny Boo, this comic title is a treat for you if the genre of magic and fantasy excites you the most. The plot unfolds in the Younwity's Institute of Magic, where the pupils enthusiastically prepare for Samhain. The aforesaid graphic novel revolves around Abby, who is frantic about the event of her close friend Noreen going missing. The worries are not alike among Abby's other classmates, who are relaxed with the thought that the force in charge will give a positive response.

Abby is, however, overly keen about the investigation and decides to take matters into her own hands. She is shocked to the core when some uncanny discoveries about Noreen’s disappearance come her way. There happen to be some weird similarities with a horrifying case, where some other girl disappeared under similar circumstances. Get ready to land on the adventurous ride of magic, fantasy, suspense, and thrill in this fantastic comic title on August 30, 2022. 


This is another edition of the comic titles centered on magic and fantasy. Set in the city of California, the story revolves around Emsy, who is blessed with special powers. The latter is, however, more inclined towards chilling out with her friend and surfing, ahead of studying to develop her skills as a fire elemental.

Life takes her to the city of New York, bringing a drastic change when she finds out about her parents being killed by black magic. Emsy is now keen to solve her parent's murder mystery and hit on the culprit. The events therein get her transformed into a witch. A joint effort of Kit Seaton and Jennifer Dugan, the aforesaid title, is all set to reach you on September 6, 2022.

Doughnuts and Doom

If you are a fan of the fantasy and romance genres, here is an amazing blend of the two in the aforesaid comic title. Written by Balazs Lorinczi, this one is a magical story revolving around witches Elena and Margot. The two are infatuated with each other, ahead of their visibly big differences.

As for their professions, one is a struggling musician whose band is breaking away, while the other is cracking nuts to set up a potions business. They have a magically sparking connection, but the real mystery about their bond is yet to be revealed. Will their love continue to blossom, or will the personal challenges make it a curse for them? You will get to know the answer on September 20, 2022.

Forest Hills Bootleg Society

This comic title narrates the story of 4 close friends, Melissa, Kelly, Maggie, and Brooke. Written and crafted by Nicole Goux and Dave Baker, the story is set in the year 2005. The group accidentally comes across a little more than an exciting bootleg anime DVD. The friends decide on investing capital to launch a business with their discovery in partnership.

Their major clients were the local young boys of their friends' traditional hometown. Things, however, take a turn when the pressure and threats of an illegal business land upon the group. A series of professional and romantic issues crop up to challenge them at every step. Will their innocent friendship stand strong or succumb to these testing situations? You can have the mystery revealed on September 27, 2022.

Incredible Doom Volume 2

In this sequel of Incredible Doom, the story progresses with the four online friends discovering their realities. The group is amazed to find out the shocking differences between the real and virtual worlds of each other. Another element of surprise is the transformation of Evol House, a refuge in the past, into a completely new entity.

The drastic change has made it completely unrecognizable by the group. The story unfolds their adventures and discoveries in the most engaging manner that is hard to resist. The title is the result of joint efforts by Jesse Holden and Matthew Bogart, which are all set to hit the shelves on September 6, 2022.

Comic releases have enjoyed a great deal of appreciation from readers across the globe, ever since they made a mark in the publishing industry. Here's a collection of some of the best and most awaited comics in 2022. Be ready to get your best pick from the list and enjoy!

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